sugar_geisha (sugar_geisha) wrote,

I Rock I'm A Geek!

So after a lengthy discussion with one of my friends about geeks he found an online geek test to find out how geeky I really am! When I read my score I thought it was kind of average until I read both the guestbook on the site and him telling me the forum he found the test people were only scoring between 5 and 20% with 30% being the max... I scored a COOL "50.09862% - Super Geek" OMG SUPERGEEK! W00T I am L337!!!

i am a super geek

You too can take the test HERE
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hahaha funny :)
wooo, im a super geek too!!!! I only got about 46% though :P
One of the questions pissed me off - the one about Neverending Story - why does it only state ONE!! There are THREE... I love those films
god, so does my boyfriend, ive even watched them in german now :P
Thats so cool, I have been tempted to watch the german because I understand some, better in german or english?