sugar_geisha (sugar_geisha) wrote,

Still Rollin'

It was the anon comment on my last post which reminded me I haven't updated in a while so I thought I would remind you all I'm still here! I'm still in recovery and have been stable at 112lbs for about 7 months now! Stable! Who would have thought it? Who would have believed that I could remain at a constant (ignoring daily fluctuations!) weight for so long. Even at this weight I'm still considered underweight, yet I eat so much!

I have just started running but I am taking precautions, the guy I'm running with is aware of my history and is making sure I don't go overboard. My - very unfit - body isn't really used to this sort of exercise having given up my ballet just last yr, I'm not built to run but I'm enjoying it as there are no thoughts in my head of losing weight, just being healthy! I never dreamed I could be here or that I could stick to it.

Recovery is hard, I have days that are easy that I just sail through and others that take real strength to battle through but I'm doing it. I have stumbled but haven't fallen.

I can only thank my friends for believing in me and for standing by me, providing support and helping me through.
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